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Photo Policy

Corsham Badminton Club (We) will strive to ensure the images and videos taken are used only for the purposes they are intended.

We may use photos or videos for the following purposes:

  • Used by the club for display use.

  • Used within other printed and/or promotional materials.

  • Used on the club’s website.

  • Any or all of the club’s social media platforms.

  • Used for the purposes of training or analysis.

We will not allow photographs, videos, or any other image to be taken without consent. This is in accordance with our child protection policy.

Any child 16 years old and over can provide their own permissions. We will inform parents and carers if they consent, so they are aware that your images may be used in whichever way you have consented to below.

Consent will be requested at the sign up to the club sessions and can be removed at any time by contacting the club.

If anyone in our community identifies any image or video being used inappropriately, then they must inform us immediately.

Status: Published v1.0 

Last Review 17/08/2023

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